Monday, May 16, 2011


On the workbench and recently finished



I'm often asked where I buy kits and supplies from.  I use many sources ranging from hobby shops (Trains and Things in Traverse City, Michigan, Soapy and Sons in Marquette, Michigan, N.E.W.Hobby in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Hobby Horse in Madison, Wisconsin and about any hobby shop I find in my travels.).  I use Hobby Horse for BSI CA glues and supplies as they are the mail-order store for BSI glues. www.hobbyhorse.com.  For resin, I buy from just about everybody, AITM, Spauldings, KFS, Auslowe, Illini, P&P, Plaskit, GW Trucks, Klaus Clever, Mo'Luminum etc,.   I try to buy something from everyone.  At times I forget to give credit to the source - this isn't a snub, just a slip of the memory.  I buy new kits where ever I find a good deal.  Stores, eBay, on-line sellers, etc.  Evergreen and Plastruct plastic sheets and shapes are purchased where ever I find them  N.E.W. Hobby usually has a good selection of large sheets.   I joke that if I leave a hobby shop without spending $100.00 I've done something wrong.

I'm always on the lookout for something new - and love the learn new tricks from other modelers. ~ Tim

 Future Projects

Workbench photos from 2010 - click here


Moebius Models International LoneStar

LoneStar on YouTube


The LoneStar build - click here.


388 Michigan Tanker Tractor

AutoreOilPB388July2008.jpg (165054 bytes) The inspiration as seen in July of 2008 (note the price of gas! Gasp.. we're getting close to that again)

I started this '08 Peterbilt 388 after seeing a then brand new 388 for Autore Oil Company of Cedarville, Michigan.  I scratchbuilt the hood and daycab panel in July of '08 then ran out of steam on the project when I couldn't get the intricate scroll work pinstripe decals and logos made.   I assembled the frame and polished the paint recently.  I will attempt my own pin stripes using Kit Form Services www.kitformservices.com pin stripe decals.   

 hoodssanded72608.jpg (211185 bytes) Hoodunderside72908.jpg (120325 bytes) 388hoodrough72308.jpg (97715 bytes) 388cabhood73008.jpg (155132 bytes) 388cabwaxed73008.jpg (88880 bytes) cabsfoiledblacked111810.jpg (112128 bytes) red388framemockup112110.jpg (173141 bytes)  The red 388 was painted in July of '08 and foiled on 11/18/10. red388frame112110.jpg (112338 bytes) Chassis built 11/21/10

Autore388pinstriped32611.jpg (141300 bytes) Autore388pinstrip32611.jpg (92926 bytes) Autore388stripedrght32611.jpg (113762 bytes) Using Kit Form Services scroll and pin stripe decal sheets I attempted the pin stripes.  3/26/11

Autore388cabinets32711.jpg (122985 bytes) Autore388batbx32711.jpg (124599 bytes) Battery box, DPF cover and tool cabinet fabricated.  3/27/11

Autoredecaled4811.jpg (162424 bytes) Autoredecalleft4811.jpg (122490 bytes) Autore Oil Lettering applied.  Special thanks to Charlie Rowley.  4/8/11

Autore388interiorin51011.jpg (140735 bytes) Autore388Logos51011.jpg (123931 bytes) Autore388PnPdash51011.jpg (54593 bytes) Autore388rubber51011.jpg (115119 bytes) Autore388rollingframe51111.jpg (127049 bytes) Autore388rollinframe51111.jpg (122754 bytes) 5/11/11 Rolling Frame.

Autoredeckplate51411.jpg (150274 bytes) Autore388cabmockup51611.jpg (184177 bytes) Autore388mockup51611.jpg (152089 bytes) Cab temporarily on the frame. 5/16/11

foiledcabs111810.jpg (102213 bytes)


North to Alaska - 70's style

352H resin cab painted in '04 - badly warped while in storage - now hopefully saved after heating and cooling the cab and manipulating it back to shape. I also polished and waxed the clear coat.   This will be an Alaskan Hauler 352H.  4/29/11

Tom Stephen Photo from www.HanksTruckPictures.com




Big Pete Hook

BigHookcab41011.jpg (101192 bytes) BigHookparts41111.jpg (102791 bytes) BigHookchassis41411.jpg (91453 bytes) BigHookunpainted41411.jpg (123104 bytes) 4/14/11

Inspired by a '76 Peterbilt 359SBFA wrecker in Marquette, Michigan.  Mine will be quite different. 359SBFAFormulaOne.jpg (196156 bytes)

BigHookpaintfresh41611.jpg (54694 bytes) BigRedpaint41611.jpg (129098 bytes) BigHookpaint41611.jpg (133885 bytes) BigHookfreshpaint41611.jpg (122503 bytes) BigHookpaintblurry41611.jpg (107523 bytes) 4/16/11

BigHookfoiled41711.jpg (164415 bytes) BigHookpolished41711.jpg (170568 bytes) Polished and foiled.  4/17/11

BigHookstripe41811.jpg (137821 bytes) BigHookyellowstripe.jpg (181482 bytes) Yellow separator stripe added. 4/18/11

BigHookbumper42011.jpg (133750 bytes) BigHookrawdoor.jpg (118436 bytes) BigHookdoorraw.jpg (127350 bytes) BigHookinterior42011.jpg (113218 bytes) BigHookdash42011.jpg (132347 bytes) BigHookglass42011.jpg (137886 bytes) BigHooktestbody42111.jpg (157927 bytes) BigHookbodytestfit42111.jpg (137710 bytes) 4/21/11

BigHooklamps42411.jpg (62580 bytes) BigHookcabset42611.jpg (126738 bytes) BigHookcabsetleft42611.jpg (162445 bytes) 4/26/11 BigHookantennas42911.jpg (163793 bytes) BigHookparts42911.jpg (185835 bytes) 4/29/11

BigHookPeterbilt5311.jpg (223678 bytes) BigHookRear5311.jpg (157672 bytes) BigHook359right5311.jpg (208453 bytes) BigHookabove5311.jpg (140509 bytes)  BigHookfront5311.jpg (131129 bytes)

BigHook359left.jpg (204224 bytes) BigHookVector.jpg (107761 bytes) BigHookflag5311.jpg (169237 bytes) BigHookrhtcbcls.jpg (134587 bytes) BigHookcableft5311.jpg (210067 bytes) BigHookcabclslft.jpg (151835 bytes) BigHookaboveshadow5311.jpg (166800 bytes) 

The Big Hook is as finished as she'll be until I can decide on a company name.  5/3/11





Sugar Cane Tractor

sugarcane1stprimer4211.jpg (131605 bytes) 1975383cab.jpg (39238 bytes) 1975383guard.jpg (37233 bytes) workbench4.jpg (26155 bytes) SugarCane4111.jpg (124530 bytes) SugarCaneChassis4111.jpg (145446 bytes) 

This project was started in 2003.  I modified an AMT Peterbilt 359 cab into the Severe Service cab, scratchbuilt the 381/383 long hood, grille/radiator, fenders and cage in '03, painted the cab in '04 and put it back into the box.   On 4/1/11 I brought this long-dormant project back out and assembled the frame, running gear and other components.

SugarCanewindow4311.jpg (54561 bytes) SugarCanerearlft4311.jpg (117963 bytes) SugarCanelft4311.jpg (128238 bytes) SugarCaneside4311.jpg (191604 bytes) SugarCaneleftclose4311.jpg (184191 bytes)  4/3/11

The cab and interior are AMT Pete 359.  The hood, grille, bumper, fenders are scratchbuilt.  The chassis is Evergreen channel for the rails and the kit cross members.  The rear suspension is from a built-up Autocar dump truck (thank's Bob Spear).  The tires and wheels are old RNK resin items.  A little more weathering to the tires and chassis and it will be ready for some outdoor photos.  

sugarcanehood4711.jpg (105157 bytes) sugarcanleft4711.jpg (167960 bytes) sugarcanright4711.jpg (175709 bytes) sugarcaneright4711.jpg (107477 bytes) sugarcaneleft471.jpg (112495 bytes)



LNG Powered 367


extcabbits parts21711.jpg (172417 bytes) extcabbitsrough21711.jpg (205767 bytes) ExtCabroughwithstockcab21811.jpg (156277 bytes) ExtCabRawrooffair21811.jpg (194113 bytes) ExtCabrawfairing21911.jpg (177215 bytes) Extcabfrombelow21911.jpg (131281 bytes) extcabrawfairingrf21911.jpg (74993 bytes) ExtCabbackoffairing21911.jpg (186959 bytes) Extcabfairingrear21911.jpg (94043 bytes) 

2/17/11 started

ExtCabframe22211.jpg (214946 bytes) Extcabprimed22211.jpg (113530 bytes) Extcabtestframe22211.jpg (122849 bytes) Extcabtestside22211.jpg (117121 bytes) Extcabtestparts22211.jpg (113729 bytes) 2/22/11

ExtCabvertVert22311.jpg (184757 bytes) Extcabexh22411.jpg (162457 bytes) extcabmounts22411.jpg (145304 bytes) ExtCabexmount22411.jpg (169072 bytes) ExtCabexhst22411.jpg (114053 bytes) ExtCabexhreposis22411.jpg (96333 bytes) ExtCabexhrghtlow22411.jpg (95274 bytes) 2/24/11

 ExtCabtesttank22511.jpg (86044 bytes) Extcabmock22511.jpg (98294 bytes) 2/25/11    ExtCabchassis22611.jpg (154378 bytes) Extcabframe22611.jpg (110670 bytes) Extcabbits22611.jpg (78242 bytes) 2/26/11

The paint - Duplicolor primers for body flaws, Zinzer/BIN sealer to seal the bodywork and resin, Duplicolor white primer, multiple coats of Krylon "School Bus Yellow."

ExtCabpolished22811.jpg (85171 bytes) ExtCabfairingbeforepolish22811.jpg (58257 bytes) ExtCabfairingpolished22811.jpg (114954 bytes) ExtCabhoodnopolish22811.jpg (72626 bytes) Extcabhoodpolish22811.jpg (68263 bytes) 2/28/11

Extcabpolished3111.jpg (97778 bytes) ExtCabpolishedrht3111.jpg (99259 bytes) Extcabmockright3111.jpg (81603 bytes) ExtCamockuplft3111.jpg (104472 bytes) Extcababoverear3111.jpg (122180 bytes) 3/1/11 

DPFboxesandbrackets.jpg (80210 bytes) ExtCabframe3411.jpg (100784 bytes) extcabtail3411.jpg (79085 bytes) ExtCabframeright3411.jpg (81068 bytes) 3/4/11 frame ready for paint.

Extcabframewhite3511.jpg (85179 bytes) Frame in white primer/sealer   The frame looks like it would take a big sleeper COE cab at this point.

DashingDialsprimed3611.jpg (96290 bytes) Interiorbits3811.jpg (95388 bytes) 3/8/11 - interior paint work  extcabroughseat3911.jpg (73015 bytes) extcabseats3911.jpg (62335 bytes) extcabnewfloor3911.jpg (84940 bytes) Interior work 3/9/11

extcabframe31011.jpg (88471 bytes) extcabintdoghair31011.jpg (75238 bytes) 3/10/11 7am Excabfoiled31111.jpg (97933 bytes) Extcabtest31111.jpg (100701 bytes) 3/10/11 7pm  extcablngtnk31111.jpg (131413 bytes) extcablngfoil31111.jpg (78646 bytes) 3/11/11 7am

Extcabexhrear31111.jpg (90622 bytes) Extcabtankheldup31111.jpg (98852 bytes) extcabno1testfit31111.jpg (102083 bytes) extcabLNGtankon31111.jpg (71765 bytes) ExtCabexhaust31111.jpg (142493 bytes) 3/11/11 9pm

extcabdashwheel31211.jpg (115304 bytes) extcabdash31211.jpg (34727 bytes) extcabint31211.jpg (79518 bytes) Extcabtankslamps31211.jpg (57256 bytes) 3/12/11

  extcabdefadded31211.jpg (102834 bytes) Extcabdieseltank31211.jpg (108084 bytes) Extcabtankstop31211.jpg (67992 bytes) extcabrhstp31211.jpg (103749 bytes) extcabrhstep31211.jpg (113925 bytes) extcableftstep31211.jpg (150131 bytes) extcableftstepreflectcab31211.jpg (56225 bytes) extcabfueltankstep31211.jpg (101039 bytes) extcabfanned31211.jpg (64900 bytes) 3/12/11

extcabtestroof31311.jpg (102646 bytes) ExtCabrooffairtest31311.jpg (83983 bytes) Extcabgrillemesh31311.jpg (75112 bytes) ExtCabtestfairings31311.jpg (69887 bytes) ExtCabfairingtest31311.jpg (93938 bytes) extCabpartsparts31311.jpg (132941 bytes) extcabcarvedpaint31311.jpg (54473 bytes) 3/13/11 mid-day progress.  I had to literally carve into the paint on the roof to allow the roof fairing to sit properly - when I made the fairing I didn't take into consideration the thickness of primers and multiple layers of paints. 

I added a couple of little engine bits, nothing special, just a couple of hoses.

 Extcabsomeengineworknotfinished31311.jpg (91389 bytes) Extcabenginebits31311.jpg (65607 bytes) Extcabtilted31311.jpg (44897 bytes) ExtCabtesttoframerear31311.jpg (118839 bytes) ExtCabframe31311.jpg (86644 bytes) Extcaballtheparts31311.jpg (113700 bytes) 3/13/11 8PM

ExtcabRedEngine31411.jpg (135840 bytes) My slightly modified "Red Engine". extcabwhatif31411.jpg (91278 bytes) Extcabgettingclose31411.jpg (87415 bytes) 3/14/11 ExtCabtankstake231711.jpg (118915 bytes) 3/17/11

I took a 3 day break to do some painting - kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

ExtCabcabjunk32111.jpg (81957 bytes) ExtcabMoreCabJunk32111.jpg (72384 bytes) Extcabinterior32111.jpg (127719 bytes) ExtCabdashin32111.jpg (67639 bytes) ExtCablookingin32111.jpg (52345 bytes) 3/21/11 Interior Installation

ExtCabGrillebars.jpg (156453 bytes) ExtcabgrillebarsA32111.jpg (58395 bytes) ExtCabgrillebarsB32111.jpg (152362 bytes) Grille Bars - 3/21/11

ExtCabhorn32111.jpg (79512 bytes) ExtCabOnFrame32111.jpg (145198 bytes) ExtCabOnskirt32111.jpg (141370 bytes) ExtCabMirrorsOn32111.jpg (128151 bytes) ExtCabMirrorscoop32111.jpg (121005 bytes) ExtCabhoodon32111.jpg (153268 bytes) 3/21/11 Cab on frame.

Extcabrear32211.jpg (152711 bytes) ECreadyforaero.jpg (135725 bytes) extcabnofairings32211.jpg (112419 bytes) exycabdeck32211.jpg (209472 bytes) ECreadyforaeroright.jpg (116502 bytes) Ready for the aero treatment.  3/22/11

EXLNGwarning32311.jpg (160939 bytes) ECLNGventstack32311.jpg (145964 bytes) ECbeforeaeroparts32311.jpg (178805 bytes) ECsidenoaero32311.jpg (146600 bytes) Corrections and a few parts added 3/23/11

Robertextenders32311.jpg (141331 bytes) Robertroofrear32311.jpg (160646 bytes) Robertrooffairing32311.jpg (159116 bytes) Robertextendersonly32311.jpg (151411 bytes) Robertleftrear32311.jpg (153250 bytes) Roberthoodmirrors32311.jpg (116982 bytes) robertreflectextender.jpg (95412 bytes) 3/23/11 9:30pm

Robert367test1032411.jpg (130825 bytes) Robert367032411.jpg (170087 bytes) Robert367rhttest32411.jpg (130542 bytes) Robert367left32411.jpg (149610 bytes) Robert367testright32411.jpg (153849 bytes) Robert367cabrear32411.jpg (171143 bytes) Robert367cableftrear32411.jpg (158267 bytes) Robert367closeleft32411.jpg (194839 bytes) 3/24 almost done Robertnotankbrackets32411.jpg (146484 bytes) Robertextendbrkt32411.jpg (136042 bytes) Robert367above32411.jpg (183542 bytes)

 Robert337text040611.jpg (161654 bytes) Robert367abovetext.jpg (142264 bytes) RobertD130751window.jpg (73661 bytes) 367gotgas.jpg (37587 bytes) RobertPQIclose.jpg (156375 bytes) RobertPQIleft4611.jpg (116245 bytes) 4/6/11 Could it be finished? Still needs mudflap hangers.

Roberbocutp4711.jpg (147100 bytes) Robert367dash.jpg (63203 bytes) Robert367hoodopen4711.jpg (196689 bytes) robert367left4711.jpg (134564 bytes) robert367rearleft4711.jpg (188849 bytes) robert367rght4711.jpg (237177 bytes) robert367test4711.jpg (128160 bytes) robert3674711.jpg (151525 bytes) Robertabovelfthwy4711.jpg (124575 bytes) Robertaboverear4711.jpg (123138 bytes) robertatpipes4711.jpg (115774 bytes) robertatthedoor4711.jpg (129170 bytes) Robertboc4711.jpg (92753 bytes) robertboctest4711.jpg (183424 bytes) Roberthoodtp4711.jpg (101164 bytes) Robertleftrearutp4711.jpg (199491 bytes) Robertlftrearutp4711.jpg (148175 bytes) robertouttest4711.jpg (133238 bytes) robertoverthecrown4711.jpg (95069 bytes) robertpullingouttest4711.jpg (111701 bytes) robertredmotor4711.jpg (116817 bytes) Robertrghtsouth4711.jpg (154101 bytes) Robertrightcloseboc4711.jpg (126346 bytes) Roberttestrear4711.jpg (131420 bytes) roberttesttim4711.jpg (126058 bytes) Robertutpcab4711.jpg (92521 bytes) Robertwindshield4711.jpg (92696 bytes) robertintest4711.jpg (56106 bytes) Robertlookingoverthebird.jpg (135363 bytes) 4/7/11



389 Tri-Drive Dumper 


I got the idea for this from the sleeper cab equipped tri-drive dump trucks seen in western Canada.  Photographs on www.hankstruckpictures.com serve as the inspiration. (photo borrowed by Hank's Truck Forum)

white389painted070410.jpg (58493 bytes) visorsontwo389070410.jpg (84347 bytes) white389polished111510.jpg (115052 bytes) white389stripedecals111510.jpg (62501 bytes) white389striped111510.jpg (104351 bytes) white389stripe111610.jpg (86312 bytes) Polishing and decal stripes on the white 389  11/15/10 Decals from www.modeltruckin.com

white389foiled111710.jpg (109258 bytes) white389BMFd111710.jpg (136516 bytes) Bare Metal Foil applied.  11/17/10 white389chassis112010.jpg (144542 bytes) Chassis built 11/20/10

Three frames painted black and ready for assembly.  11/22/10

white389grillemesh12811.jpg (82884 bytes) white389 DPFbox13111.jpg (54222 bytes) white389DPF013111.jpg (88610 bytes) white389tired12811.jpg (119757 bytes) white389mockup012911.jpg (153284 bytes) 1/31/11 progress.  Tires and wheels on.  DPF scratchbuilt.

white389boxinstal2111.jpg (101447 bytes) white389dpf2111.jpg (136798 bytes) 2/1/11 white389batbox.jpg (93737 bytes) white389grillebars2211.jpg (79523 bytes) white39batboxinstl2311.jpg (76077 bytes) white3892411prog.jpg (107653 bytes) white389shields2411.jpg (103842 bytes) 2/4/11

white389stacks2511.jpg (50258 bytes) white389aircleaner2511.jpg (68691 bytes) white389rightalmostdone2511.jpg (111620 bytes) white389nearlydone2511.jpg (122122 bytes) white389lfrr2511.jpg (160770 bytes) white389beacons2511.jpg (131624 bytes) 2/5/11 

white389foiledbox2511.jpg (99750 bytes) white389rearframe21111.jpg (134137 bytes) white389frameready21111.jpg (126347 bytes) white389tank21111.jpg (112842 bytes) white389framerdy21111.jpg (128958 bytes) Ready for the dump box.

white389bodymounted21111.jpg (147746 bytes) white389boxon21111.jpg (128339 bytes) white389dumpon21111.jpg (152856 bytes) white389rear21111.jpg (155683 bytes) Almost finished.  2/11/11 Still needs the tarp, tow pins and company names.

white389right21211.jpg (123883 bytes) white389hwyabvlft21211.jpg (114706 bytes) white38921211.jpg (135748 bytes) white389left21211.jpg (186946 bytes) white389rear21211.jpg (132226 bytes) white389hwyabv21211.jpg (139697 bytes) white389tilt21211.jpg (197193 bytes)

white389cabcloselft21211.jpg (98310 bytes) white389DEFDPF21211.jpg (212953 bytes) white389closecab21211.jpg (187044 bytes) 2/12/11



BaggedPandPhoodsMarch11.jpg (206107 bytes)



ExtCabdashruff3511.jpg (103334 bytes) ExtCabdashblank3511.jpg (118092 bytes) Making a new style Peterbilt dash  3/5/11 

Dashingcarved3611.jpg (57210 bytes) Dashing2030611.jpg (64045 bytes) Dashingshape3611.jpg (53571 bytes) Dashingprimed3611.jpg (61027 bytes) Dashings3611.jpg (123993 bytes) 3/6/11

Dashingbits3611.jpg (123314 bytes) DashingDialsprimed3611.jpg (96290 bytes) Dashingback3611.jpg (58690 bytes) Generic bits and pieces for dials and switches.  3/6/11

Doorsnewerstyle3611.jpg (49936 bytes) Doorsanddash3711.jpg (29460 bytes) My rendition of Platinum style door panels. 3/7/11

danewdashwithwood.jpg (253261 bytes) dashnowoodontop.jpg (157517 bytes) The Real Thing


378 Yellow Hauler

  yellow378PBTphoto.jpg (121258 bytes) The inspiration - a photo from Hank's Truck Pictures. 

   anotherPBcab7610.jpg (74953 bytes) Yellow378Cleared71010.jpg (67399 bytes) This will be a 378 Heavy Haul tractor.  The real truck is an oddity.  Yellow cab, hood and sleeper with yellow painted wheels - except for the lift axle which is a polished wheel.  The battery and tool boxes are painted black like the chassis, yet the fuel tanks are nicely polished with 4 straps.  No visor.  Small bumper.  

  7/7/10 yellow378hood111510.jpg (92147 bytes) yellow378polish111510.jpg (80811 bytes) 11/15/10 polishing. yellow378batterybox11010.jpg (103593 bytes) yellow378chassis112010.jpg (127442 bytes) yellow378chassisrear112010.jpg (134447 bytes) 

yellow378paintedparts1811.jpg (134030 bytes) yellow378parts1811.jpg (124491 bytes) yellow378bumperwork1711.jpg (114308 bytes) yellow378bumperprime1811.jpg (73875 bytes) 1/7/11 progress. Yellow378foiledbumper11011.jpg (85538 bytes) 1/8/11 bumper.


Yellow378grillescreen11011.jpg (115396 bytes) Yellow378tireson010911.jpg (87061 bytes) Yellow378tiresonleft1911.jpg (88921 bytes) Yellow378progress1911.jpg (110853 bytes) Yellow378cabonleft11011.jpg (130242 bytes) Yellow378cabonright11011.jpg (140621 bytes) Cab on Frame 1/10/11


yellow378lampsstock.jpg (41126 bytes) yellow378lampsblack.jpg (52416 bytes) yellow378lamplenses.jpg (55278 bytes) yellow378lamp2.jpg (74342 bytes) yellow378lamp1.jpg (50697 bytes) yellow378stocklampsonwhite.jpg (83489 bytes) I don't like the stock look of the headlamps so I black out the recessed ring on the lamp pod and apply Bare Metal Foil around the lens and the back side of the lens.  The black adds a bit of depth and the BMF seems to provide a better reflection than the stock clear lens.  1/12/11

yellow378rooflightsstock.jpg (49045 bytes) yellow378rooflightwblack.jpg (57788 bytes) yellow378roofnoblack.jpg (39099 bytes) yellow378roofwblack.jpg (37968 bytes) yellow378rooflightsn11211.jpg (30039 bytes) yellow378rooflights011211.jpg (41150 bytes) I used a Sharpie black marker to highlight the rubber grommet base for the roof lights.  1/12/11

Yellow378nomuffler11211.jpg (63625 bytes) Yellow378aeroshieldsraw11111.jpg (106730 bytes) yellow378brightwork11211.jpg (118927 bytes) The real truck as aero-shields instead of traditional muffler heat shields.  I made mine from K&S flat aluminum bent around the kit muffler.  I punched holes in the metal for mounting the grab handles.  The shields are wrapped in chrome vinyl for a stainless look.  Aluminum tube is substituted for the kit mufflers.  This is my first attempt at the shields using aluminum.  I have tried plastic without good results. 1/11/11

379aeroshields20071plastic.jpg (98273 bytes) Aeroshields made from plastic in '07.

yellow378spotmirror011211.jpg (64395 bytes) yellwo378hoodmountsrh11311.jpg (95536 bytes) yellow378fndrmrrmnts11311.jpg (89262 bytes) yellow378fndrmirrorrh11311.jpg (96561 bytes) yellow378hood11311.jpg (90292 bytes) I used pics of mirrors that Kurt McLucas made for inspiration for mine.

yellow379packedup011211.jpg (127083 bytes) yellow378mirrorarm11311.jpg (122258 bytes) yellow378mirrorarmleft11311.jpg (98470 bytes) Mirror arms and braces installed.  1/13/11  yellow378daleks.jpg (55641 bytes) 

Yellow378tilt11411.jpg (140452 bytes) yellow378hoodandbunk11411.jpg (151258 bytes) yellow378assyIiview11411.jpg (176403 bytes) I swear the nameplate decal drooped while setting up.  Hmmmm. 1/14/11yellow378flaps11411.jpg (93446 bytes) yellow378rearnobunk11411.jpg (105079 bytes) 

yellow378interior11611.jpg (51204 bytes) yellow378hoodnewlogo11511.jpg (124422 bytes) Yellow378bunkonleft11611.jpg (111701 bytes) Yellow378sleeperon11611.jpg (139101 bytes) Yellow378sleeperonleft11611.jpg (129774 bytes) yellow378cabslpr11611.jpg (106830 bytes) yellow378mirroraircleanerdoor11611.jpg (125521 bytes) yellow378hoodon11611.jpg (138217 bytes) Yellow378front11611.jpg (96713 bytes) 

Yellow378tilted11611.jpg (175467 bytes) Yellow378left11611.jpg (163944 bytes) Yellow378decked11611.jpg (126744 bytes) I need to touch up the yellow on several huck rivets and a few other spots.  1/15/11

In the photos below I've added the roof beacons using AMT amber beacons with aluminum bases. The sun came out too, so I was able to take some natural light pics.  Unfortunately the tempurature was 19f - if you look at the bug screen in the grille on the 'decked' pics the screen was bowed in - I could hear it ticking from the cold.  Once I brought the model back indoors the grille resumed its shape again.  1/16/11 

yellow378beaconmount.jpg (37876 bytes) yellow378beaconrhgt.jpg (122595 bytes) yellow378left011611.jpg (132522 bytes) yellow378sideleft11611.jpg (104062 bytes) yellow378abovehwy11611.jpg (113023 bytes) yellow378rghrear11611.jpg (119728 bytes) yellow378decked2011611.jpg (129454 bytes) yellow378tilt11611.jpg (130346 bytes) 

yellow378comingatyou.jpg (132266 bytes) yellow378lftclose11611.jpg (176208 bytes) yellow378hoodreflect011611.jpg (85693 bytes) yellow378hoodright11611.jpg (120029 bytes) yellow378rh011611.jpg (202161 bytes) yellow378roofs11611.jpg (182934 bytes) yellow378hwyabove11611.jpg (142875 bytes) yellow378front011611.jpg (51107 bytes) 


Aero Muffler Shields


Yellow378nomuffler11211.jpg (63625 bytes) Yellow378aeroshieldsraw11111.jpg (106730 bytes) yellow378brightwork11211.jpg (118927 bytes) Many Peterbilts are fitted with polished "aero" muffler shields instead of the slotted muffler shields. I've avoided the aero shields as my earlier attempts with plastic didn't look right.  I decided to try using aluminum.   I made mine from K&S flat aluminum (part# 255 .016 thicknewss) bent around the kit muffler.  I punched holes in the metal for mounting the grab handles.  The shields are wrapped in chrome vinyl for a stainless look.  Aluminum tube is substituted for the kit mufflers.   1/11/11

379aeroshields20071plastic.jpg (98273 bytes) Aero shields made from plastic in '07 .ylw378aeroshield.jpg (67822 bytes) Shields made from aluminum covered with chrome vinyl '11.

After liking how the aero shields on the yellow 378 turned out, I decided to spend some time cutting and bending a dozen or so of them for future builds.

MakingAeroShields11611.jpg (259148 bytes)

Click on the thumbnail for how I made the shields.    With all of these made I won't have to remember how I did it when it comes time to build the future projects.



377* DayCab tractor


I started this little daycab in mid 2004 and painted it in September of '04 then put it back in the box.  I pulled it back out and assembled the frame and polished the paint today.  11/21/10 (6 years!).

red377frame112110.jpg (110698 bytes) red377mockup112110.jpg (121907 bytes) red377unpolishedhood112110.jpg (75612 bytes) red377polishedhood112110.jpg (99771 bytes) red377unpolishedroof112110.jpg (44715 bytes) red377polishedroof112110.jpg (45098 bytes) red377fairings112110.jpg (90078 bytes) red377paintedparts112110.jpg (111571 bytes)

375redbc010211.jpg (111693 bytes) 375redparts010211.jpg (96599 bytes) 375redhoodreflect010311.jpg (63684 bytes) 375redglass010311.jpg (154984 bytes) 375redengineabove010311.jpg (132636 bytes) 375redmockup010311.jpg (165297 bytes) 1/3/11 update.

377redinterior010411.jpg (54443 bytes) Red vinyl interior.  377reddashthroughthewindow.jpg (55440 bytes) 377redaircleaner1411.jpg (42026 bytes) 377redcabon010411.jpg (157231 bytes) 1/4/11 progress - interior in and cab on.

377redleft1611.jpg (129788 bytes) 377redtext010611.jpg (172622 bytes) 377redrearright1611.jpg (110794 bytes) 377redonlogo1611.jpg (84379 bytes) 377redlamp010611.jpg (99576 bytes) 377redspotlight010611.jpg (121436 bytes) 1/6/11 pretty much finished.

377redbocrght1811.jpg (159832 bytes) 377redmidsection1811.jpg (73828 bytes) 377redbackofcab1811.jpg (142095 bytes) 377redhoodreflect1811.jpg (90685 bytes) 377redquarterfendertext1811.jpg (152746 bytes) 377redindoor1811.jpg (98210 bytes) 377redoutthedoor1811.jpg (196680 bytes) 377redright1811.jpg (104818 bytes) 377redleft1811.jpg (106956 bytes) 

377redcab1811.jpg (139476 bytes) 377redhwy1811.jpg (121722 bytes) 377redhighwayright1811.jpg (142968 bytes) 377redhighwaylft1811.jpg (163639 bytes) 377redleftfrt1811.jpg (193664 bytes)

Comparing a 377 SFFA with a 384 and a 385.  All built from the Italeri or Revell of Germany Peterbilt 377A/E kit with modifications.

* Is it a 377 SFFA or a 375?  If a 377 then my hood is too short.  If a 375, then my hood is too long and the bumper tapers back to much.  I know one thing - it is a 1994-ish three-seventy-something.


1969-70 Peterbilt 359

 The inspiration - as seen on page 101 of Ron Adams Peterbilt-1939-1979 book.  This 359 features dual air cleaners (rare at the time) and a frame mounted luberfiner (like the Revell of Germany 359 kit has).  The AMT T500 kit is pretty close to this.    The body is virgin, but the frame, running gear and engine were built and painted bright jade green with red accents.   7/11/10 Finished 1/1/11 - the first for 2011.

wy359cabprime71110.jpg (50862 bytes) wy359fenders71110.jpg (50126 bytes) wy359primedparts71110.jpg (67551 bytes) wy359cabroof71110.jpg (54207 bytes) wy359painted71110.jpg (71586 bytes) wy359cab71110.jpg (36177 bytes) wy359chassis111310.jpg (154330 bytes) 

wyfenders111610.jpg (81924 bytes) wyslpr111610.jpg (61931 bytes) wy359waxed111610.jpg (112881 bytes) wy359striped111610.jpg (108511 bytes) Polished and JBOT decal stripes added.  11/16/10 wy359partsready111910.jpg (160439 bytes) Ready to assemble.  11/19/10

wy359glassin123110.jpg (111402 bytes) wy359parts123110.jpg (129070 bytes) wy359mockup123110.jpg (110399 bytes) 12/31/10  wy359chassis1111.jpg (105764 bytes) wy359tilted010111.jpg (108254 bytes) wy369roof010111.jpg (96616 bytes) wy359alltheparts010111.jpg (138711 bytes) wyexhst010111.jpg (86534 bytes) 1/1/11wy359under010111.jpg (83536 bytes) wystockfender1111.jpg (61939 bytes) wymodifiedfender1111.jpg (72535 bytes) wy359roof1111.jpg (100702 bytes) wy359flaps1111.jpg (44167 bytes) wy359lhdoor010111.jpg (112191 bytes) wy359slpr1111.jpg (96919 bytes) wy359tect1111.jpg (121278 bytes) 1/1/11 finished.

wy359right1111.jpg (103108 bytes) wy359above.jpg (125733 bytes) wy359aboverht.jpg (118532 bytes) wy359left1111.jpg (76235 bytes) wy359onhwy1811.jpg (119226 bytes) wy359left1811.jpg (131694 bytes) wy359left010811.jpg (113814 bytes) wy359hwyabove1811.jpg (146039 bytes) wy359cabrght1811.jpg (127702 bytes) wy359testdoor1811.jpg (182134 bytes)



Curses, foiled again - or tanks a lot

FoiledTanks12292010.jpg (100432 bytes) FoiledTankslengthwise122910.jpg (76586 bytes) 

Fuel tanks for Italeri Peterbilts - sliced and diced to make various tank sizes.  12/29/10


Autocar Sleeper Tractor

Autocarframe91110.jpg (94250 bytes) Autocara64bparts91110.jpg (93685 bytes) AutocarA64Bparts91210.jpg (133803 bytes) Autocara64bgreenframe91210.jpg (48422 bytes) Autocara64bgreenfender91210.jpg (59383 bytes) Autocatcreamcab91210.jpg (71940 bytes) Autocara64bsleeper91210.jpg (36571 bytes)

This project has no planned outcome, no real direction.  Just building for the fun of it.  9/11/10


Air Cleaner Reduction

Revellaircleaneron378.jpg (57965 bytes) aircleanercuthere.jpg (48972 bytes) smallaircleaner112610.jpg (108589 bytes) SmallaircleanerII112610.jpg (45682 bytes) engine3aircleaners9610.jpg (84043 bytes) engine3aircleaner9610.jpg (74963 bytes) engine3aircleanersbumperchrome.jpg (82054 bytes) engine3aircleanerfoiled9710.jpg (90056 bytes) engine3aircleaners9710.jpg (58592 bytes) smallaircleanerBMF.jpg (70227 bytes) yellow378daleks.jpg (55641 bytes)

Sometimes a Peterbilt needs a smaller painted air cleaner rather than the big "trash can" size air cleaner.  I've tried using the Revell of Germany air cleaners but the mounting straps don't line up with the Italeri 378 cab.  This isn't a Revell error, the design of the mount changed from the 359 to the 379 family.   To make a smaller air cleaner assemble to the two halves of the kit air cleaner.  Saw off the screen at the top just above the raised lip.   Saw off the bottom of the canister.  Saw off the lower portion of the canister just below the lower mounting strap.  Now glue the former bottom to the top of the canister.  Take the air cleaner cap and sand off the outer rim/lip.  Mount the former cap to the bottom of the canister.  I used a resin cast air cleaner from P&P resin.   If you look on my Denton Fire 377 I used this method but applied Bare Metal Foil to the entire air cleaner. 11/26/10

visorsontwo389070410.jpg (84347 bytes)These two Peterbilt 389's were started a couple of years ago, with cab modifications and a 36" sleeper built, then put into their boxes to be finished at a later date.  I knew I had to redo the grille openings, so I decided to do that today, then make a 48" low-roof sleeper for one of them, then two custom visors for both.  I made quite the mess today.  I managed to get paint on both of them too.  The white is Duplicolor Pure White with clear coat and the yellow is Krylon School Bus Yellow.  7/4/10


 Trackless 389

  I spotted the real 389 in early spring of '10 in Epoufette, Michigan parked along US-2.  I talked with the driver for a while and after watching this yellow beauty pull out on US-2 I knew I had to build a model of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciWYlHbzuLE

Trackless389April2010.jpg (175051 bytes) The inspiration.

yellow389painted070410.jpg (60775 bytes) VisorMess7410.jpg (67517 bytes) 389yellowcleared7410.jpg (85276 bytes) 389yellowdistort111510.jpg (87745 bytes) 389yellowdoorgottogo111510.jpg (128304 bytes) 389yellownodoor111510.jpg (96215 bytes) 389yellownewdoor111510.jpg (98034 bytes) 389yellowinsidecabnodoor111510.jpg (88641 bytes)  

11/15/10 polished and body repair on the yellow 389.

389yellowreadytofoil111710.jpg (105646 bytes) 389yellowfoiled111710.jpg (103543 bytes) 389yellowBMFd111710.jpg (108450 bytes) Bare Metal Foil applied.  11/17/10 389yellowchassis112010.jpg (115311 bytes) Chassis built 11/20/10






379 Black and Chrome

2006Peterbilt379TMC.jpg (145214 bytes) TMC379119sept2005.jpg (115711 bytes) The inspiration as seen factory-fresh in the fall of 2005.

  TMC379119prime7910.jpg (97290 bytes) TMC379119extndprime7910.jpg (48275 bytes) TMC379119painted7910.jpg (65032 bytes) TMC379119paint7910.jpg (49888 bytes) TMC379119slpextpaint7910.jpg (39990 bytes) TMC379frameraw91110.jpg (159440 bytes) TMC379framepainted91110.jpg (68488 bytes) The 379-119 hood on this is what I used on my little YouTube How-To on converting the Italeri 378 into a 379 short hood. http://www.youtube.com/user/Mackinac359#p/u/9/0OCzmkjS5Do and http://www.timstrucks.com/378379.htm  This will be all black - and of a well know flatbed fleet.  Started 7/9/10.

TMC379Nov1310polished.jpg (133096 bytes) TMC379Nov1310Readyforfoil.jpg (141359 bytes) TMC379Nov1310slprrfwx.jpg (57969 bytes) TMC379Nov1310hoodwax.jpg (70127 bytes) TMC379Nov1410slprwx.jpg (66808 bytes) 11/14/10 Polished and waxed.




Early 70's Schneider Transport

Schnieder4070RMcNphoto.jpg (93498 bytes) The Inspiration from www.hankstruckpictures.com4070inprimer71110.jpg (44701 bytes) 4070paint71110.jpg (42511 bytes) 4070blackadded71510.jpg (40779 bytes) This co4070A is a fresh kit, but the cab was crushed and warped.  I repaired the cab as best as I could not wanting to waste this classic cab.   7/15/10.




357 Heavy Haul 6x6


4940263-R1-008-2A.jpg (72019 bytes) The inspiration.

357_heavyhaulhood.jpg (15397 bytes) 3576x6112210progress.jpg (143093 bytes) 3576x6reference112310.jpg (154620 bytes)  Back in mid 2006 I modified the cab and hood and painted them white.  I then put it back in the box and slowly amassed parts for the build.  Wheels and tires from Klaus Clever, front axle from KFS.  The frame is scratchbuilt from Evergreen. Lots and lots work to go. 11/23/10

3576x6framepaint112510.jpg (122973 bytes) 3576x6framepainted112510.jpg (115738 bytes) 11/25/10 - frame painted. 3576x6112710progright.jpg (163378 bytes) 3576x6tired112710.jpg (124585 bytes) 3576x6rear112710.jpg (125128 bytes) Tires on 11/27/10

3576x6chassis112910.jpg (134119 bytes) 3576x6chassisright112910.jpg (110665 bytes) Fuel tanks, battery box and tool boxes installed.  The fuel tanks are kit tanks with a little over a 1/2 inch removed. The battery/tool boxes are kit items modified to eliminate the box latch and add a raised step and the lower extended step. 11/29/10.

3576x6glassinstall120110.jpg (151503 bytes) Glass install the easy way.

3576x6grillerough12210.jpg (120090 bytes) 3576x6grillemesh12210.jpg (53400 bytes) 3576x6grillescreen120210.jpg (109532 bytes) 3576x6mockup120210.jpg (160914 bytes) 3576x6mockup12210.jpg (54465 bytes) 12/2/10 progress. More Plano Model Products grille mesh.

dougwalkerdecal2.jpg (72909 bytes) DougWalkerdecals.jpg (61902 bytes) Thanks to Doug Walker for making the Schlumberger logos for me.

3576x6highway.jpg (83118 bytes) 357378compare120410.jpg (107579 bytes) 3576x6cabsidetext120410.jpg (189291 bytes) 357sfromabove10410.jpg (120912 bytes) 357doorlogoSLB.jpg (94107 bytes) 357pips12410.jpg (88384 bytes) 3576x6rightside120410.jpg (175564 bytes) 3576x6left120410.jpg (108135 bytes) 3576x6hiway120410.jpg (162848 bytes) 

3576x6righttest120410.jpg (102527 bytes) 3576x6test120410.jpg (100972 bytes) 3576x6testdoorleft120410.jpg (81876 bytes) 3576x6testdoorright120410.jpg (124296 bytes) 3576x6door120410.jpg (130113 bytes) 3576x6pipes120410.jpg (128367 bytes) 3576x6outback120410.jpg (123442 bytes) 3576x6rear120410.jpg (68609 bytes) 3576x6rearleft120410.jpg (142657 bytes)  Finished 12/4/10.  The look is as I saw the inspiration in September of 2005.  I did add the Schlumberger logo to the passenger door since the units ready for transport were lettered.


Stuff I've been tinkering with

Archer rivet details 61310.jpg (62480 bytes) Little bits Archer decal rivets



Hot Fudge and Buckskin

2009 Peterbilt 389

The inspiration    The model

SusanResinparts72410.jpg (108022 bytes) Susanresin72410.jpg (89945 bytes) Susanresinreadytoprime72410.jpg (103694 bytes) Susan389parts72410.jpg (119691 bytes) 7/24/10

The Italeri "Long Hauler 378" is the donor kit for this.  The hood, fenders, bumper and cab sides are from Spauldings.  The roof is from P&P  I've found the perfect way to get the roof to fit the cab - I remove the upper "lip" above the windshield and fill in the notched area on the front of the roof with plastic, then sand the of the roof so that the new plastic matches the roof.  For the visor, I trace the shape onto plastic, cut it out, then bend it to shape.  I glue the visor to the roof, then sand the roof and visor as one unit to get the right shapes.  I will cover the visor with Bare Metal Foil once painted.  I open up the backwall of the cab and the front wall of the sleeper to match the wider opening of the roof.  I add strips of Evergreen to build up the back of the cab to simulate the Unibilt walkthrough.  I have the colors on hand now, buckskin for the cab, Hot Fudge for the frame and Brownstone effect for the fenders.  7/24/10.

Susanrails72410.jpg (59229 bytes) Susancrossmember72410.jpg (79161 bytes) Susanframe72410.jpg (78841 bytes) Susan389painted72510.jpg (93528 bytes) 

The frame is Evergreen strip #382 which matches the height of the Italeri frame rail nicely.  I cut crossmembers from square plastic and cut 48 bits of Evergreen thin strip to make the crossmember top and sides.  Over 100 "bolts and hucks" were made from Evergreen hexrod that I sliced into tiny "bolts."  The wheelbase is 324" giving enough room for the lift axle and extra tool cabinets.  Everything has been painted and now awaits curing.  7/25/10.

Bishop389waxed8610.jpg (107231 bytes) bishop389wax8610.jpg (108463 bytes) I spent the last hour polishing and waxing the body.  8/6/10

CPand389foiled81610.jpg (108923 bytes) Body and bumper "chromed." 8/16/10 Bishop389tanks81710.jpg (68054 bytes) Bishop389foiled81710.jpg (128639 bytes) Foiled Fuel tanks 8/17/10

Bishop389mockup81710.jpg (107441 bytes) Bishop389mockup2081710.jpg (89992 bytes) Bishopframe081810.jpg (85393 bytes) Bishoprollingframe81810.jpg (98522 bytes) Bishop389frameabove81810.jpg (128199 bytes) Rolling Frame 8/18/10

Bishop389cabmockup81910.jpg (115627 bytes) Bishop389mockup081910.jpg (125149 bytes) Headlamps cleaned up, foiled and installed.  I "cheat" with these as I mounted them both to the grille shell and to a small dab of glue to the fender.  This really helps support them and safeguard from breakage - I tend to break things when dusting models at a later date and these big 389 lamps seem to suffer more breakage due to my heavy-handed cleaning.  The fenders were mounted to the hood here.  The cab/hood/sleeper are only resting in place for the photo.  8/19/10

Bishop389onframe82110.jpg (142603 bytes) Bishop389cabonright82110.jpg (118414 bytes) Bishop389rearalmostdone82110.jpg (87343 bytes) Bishop389almostdone082110.jpg (107965 bytes) A day of rain and drizzle allowed for plenty of time at the workbench.  8/21/10

Here she is looking as she did when she left the factory 

Bishop389leavingplanta82210.jpg (85171 bytes) Bishop389LH82210.jpg (79406 bytes) Bishop389RHbuilding82210.jpg (104535 bytes) Bishop389sleeperleft82210.jpg (112301 bytes) Bishop389sleeperright82210.jpg (136841 bytes) Bishop389rooflights82210.jpg (95510 bytes) Bishop389reflecttim82210.jpg (57122 bytes) Bishop389hoodreflect82210.jpg (36198 bytes) Bishop389stacks82210.jpg (92367 bytes) Bishop389tanks82210.jpg (127673 bytes)

Bishop389utpclose82210.jpg (98221 bytes) Bishop389wcggoes82210.jpg (104500 bytes) Bishop389LHrear82210.jpg (116768 bytes) Bishop389reartest82210.jpg (97320 bytes) Bishop389underthepipes82210.jpg (80877 bytes) Bishop389underpipes82210.jpg (102534 bytes) Bishop38982210.jpg (94839 bytes)  Bishop389breezeway82210.jpg (119885 bytes) Bishop389artsy82210.jpg (135156 bytes)

Bishop389LHside82210.jpg (90883 bytes) Bishop389rhside82210.jpg (92883 bytes) Bishop389Right82210.jpg (127299 bytes) Bishop389tangledfence82210.jpg (96898 bytes) Bishop389abovegrass82210.jpg (173568 bytes)


Bishopcabguard91010.jpg (150877 bytes) Bishopcabguardpainted91110.jpg (85265 bytes) Bishopcabguardinstalled91110.jpg (92410 bytes)  9/11/10  BishopWCTlogoondoor92410.jpg (89177 bytes) BishopWCTlogo92410.jpg (80326 bytes) BishopWCTlogorht92410.jpg (57750 bytes) Door logos added. 9/24/10 Bishop389atduskedit92810.jpg (92811 bytes) Bishop389doorsign92810.jpg (88228 bytes) Bishop389left92810.jpg (88660 bytes)

Bishop389text82210.jpg (102509 bytes) Bishopplate92810.jpg (20297 bytes) chuck_de_pere_002_1243885732.jpg (135258 bytes) freeport2009_005.jpg (134290 bytes)

chuck_de_pere_002_1243885732.jpg (135258 bytes)




They can be rebuilt


I was recently given quite a few old builds and parts trucks from a modeler who built them in the late 70's and early 80s.  The trucks had been in storage for almost 30 years.   I've been taking them apart and determining what is salvageable. I'm rebuilding some in new configurations, on some I am sourcing new cabs or hoods from my parts boxes to replace damaged or warped parts.   I'm deciding 'on the fly' as to how to build the models.   Plenty of kitbashing going on with these. Thanks Denny!


Autocar axle-forward

DRpartsmixedwithAcar102210.jpg (143409 bytes) DRpartsmixedwithAtocr102310.jpg (119571 bytes) DRmxdwithAcarPrimegray102310.jpg (110778 bytes) DRtoAcarpainted102410.jpg (104512 bytes) DRtoacarpaintframe102410.jpg (76899 bytes) DRwasAcarinbrown102610.jpg (153147 bytes) DRwasAutocrinbrown102610.jpg (124076 bytes) Autocarallbrown110110.jpg (135320 bytes)  

A64mockupleft11610.jpg (163058 bytes) A64mockup11610.jpg (139839 bytes) A64tanklogo111110.jpg (68647 bytes) A64111110.jpg (156824 bytes) AutocarRight120410.jpg (168506 bytes) Autocarrear120410.jpg (120475 bytes) Autocarhighway120410.jpg (96909 bytes)

Starting out as a green Diamond Reo, I swapped in some left over Autocar A64B parts.  Started 10/23/10  I reworked the Autocar fenders and hood for an axle-forward version.  The bumper is scratchbuilt from plastic strips.  Bare Metal Foil was applied to the horn snow cap, radiator sides and top, cab window posts and windshield center post. 11/11/10

Transtar CO4070

Transtarpaintstripped102010.jpg (113113 bytes) Transtartsanded102010.jpg (125825 bytes) Transtarparts102010.jpg (117027 bytes) Transtarprimersealer102110.jpg (98012 bytes) Transtarpartsredprimed102310.jpg (142039 bytes) TranstarPainted102410.jpg (75731 bytes) Transtarpaintedframe102410.jpg (110745 bytes) Transtarinred102610.jpg (159938 bytes) Transtarinredparts102610.jpg (147535 bytes) Transtarinred110110.jpg (168122 bytes)

transtarcabready111210.jpg (185455 bytes) Transtaralmostdone111210.jpg (152766 bytes) Transtarpicondash111210.jpg (78532 bytes) Transtarfinishedtilt111210.jpg (181239 bytes) Transtarfinished11210.jpg (142856 bytes)

  transtarttilted120410.jpg (97827 bytes) transtarrightrear120410.jpg (87388 bytes) Transtarright120410.jpg (129533 bytes) transtarleftrear120410.jpg (91821 bytes) TranstarHiway120410.jpg (263376 bytes) TranstarHighway120410.jpg (205350 bytes) transtar120410.jpg (199776 bytes)  Transtar CO4070A.  I shortened the frame.  It will be all red.  Thanks to Eric at P&P resin for the replacement bumper.  Color is Duplicolor Victory Red over AutomotiveTouchup.com red primer.  Clear is MinWax Polyurethane.  Nice clear but not durable as it will peel off if you mask anything.     Clear parts were replaced with clear acetate.  Bare Metal Foil applied to the nameplate belt.  All other "aluminum" parts are parted with Duplicolor Bumper Chrome spray paint.  The headlamps, mirrors and wipers are from a Paystar.  The door handles are from a Lindberg Dodge L700.  Started 10/23/10-11/12/10


KenworthPartsBox.jpg (126953 bytes) KenworthPartsidea102310.jpg (109474 bytes) KenworthPartsGluedup102310.jpg (121251 bytes) KenworthPartsBoxprimedred102310.jpg (132578 bytes) Kenworthpainted102410.jpg (67456 bytes) Kenworthpaintedframe102410.jpg (63276 bytes) Kenworthpartsinred102610.jpg (115195 bytes) KWW925redrebuildNov410.jpg (176124 bytes) KWW925redrebuildbodyNov610.jpg (119434 bytes) KWRebuildandNeedlenoseNov610.jpg (191624 bytes)

I'm going with a 70's long wheelbase Alaska-type tractor.  Started 10/23/10  I stretched the frame, used the bumper from an Alaskan Hauler, scratchbuilt a drom deck using the Alaskan Hauler cab guard that was broken.  Farr dry-type air cleaner came from the Diamond Reo rebuilder and parts box.  Duplicolor Victory Red is the color with a vinyl white stripe.   

  KWW925redrebuildNov610.jpg (152454 bytes) KWW925redrebuildNov0610.jpg (168754 bytes) KWW925redrebuildtrlrNov610.jpg (142833 bytes) KWW925redrebuildrearNov610.jpg (137958 bytes) KWW925redrebuildpassing.jpg (144730 bytes) KW925redrebuildabove2Nov610.jpg (158678 bytes) KWW925redrebuildaboveNov610.jpg (133782 bytes)  11/6/10 Finished!

4200parts102210.jpg (156797 bytes)   352rebuildparts102010.jpg (98224 bytes)  Other saves in the works.

CruiselinerpartsbeforeTheDip102010.jpg (110113 bytes) Cruiselinerpartsstripped102310.jpg (145557 bytes) Cruiselinerpainted102610.jpg (141390 bytes) Cruiselinercabright102610.jpg (112824 bytes) Cruiselinercableft102610.jpg (111052 bytes) This Cruiseliner is mostly complete and only needed stripping and cleaning.  Started 10/23/10

K123BisonParts102010.jpg (109076 bytes) Bisonstripped102310.jpg (136398 bytes) BisonBlue1stcoat102410.jpg (95446 bytes) BisonBlueframe102410.jpg (98360 bytes) Bisoninblue102610.jpg (130591 bytes) bisonhooddarkfenders102610.jpg (102025 bytes) Bisonhoodlightblufndr102610.jpg (112419 bytes) Chevy Bison - it was blue and it will be again.  For the life of me I can't locate the left forward hub.  Drat. (I found the hub, just the axle pin is missing now)   Started 10/24/10

I'm rebuilding these just as an exercise in fun.  No plan, no worry about 'the perfect gloss.'  Just fun.  How they turn out is how they turn out and will sit on the shelves.





Denton, Texas Engine 3 - 1988 Peterbilt 377

I'm way out of my comfort zone on this one..  a 1988-89 Peterbilt 377, that's the easy part.  The apparatus body perplexes me.  The last time I built a fire truck was in 1974... and the one I've chosen to "replicate" is no longer with Denton, Texas as it was auctioned off in '08.  I only have a black and white photo copy and a tiny color photo of a sibling 377 and one found by another modeler to work from.  So far I have about $10 worth of Plastruct and Evergreen used.  The Italeri 377 required little modification to the frame - namely moving the rear axle and filling in the excess mounting holes.   Started 8/29/10

The real truck - Engine 1 in this photo - photo courtesy of www.youngstownfire.com forum.

Engine3scatchbody82810.jpg (74505 bytes) engine3chassis82910.jpg (113857 bytes) engine3batteryboxandskirt82910.jpg (85110 bytes) engine3mockup82910.jpg (115495 bytes) 

engine3aircleaners9610.jpg (84043 bytes) engine3aircleaner9610.jpg (74963 bytes) engine3aircleanersbumperchrome.jpg (82054 bytes) engine3aircleanerfoiled9710.jpg (90056 bytes) engine3aircleaners9710.jpg (58592 bytes) engine3body9710.jpg (107133 bytes)

engine3painted91610.jpg (105184 bytes) engine3paintedleft91610.jpg (92718 bytes) Engine3painted91910.jpg (131144 bytes) I tried a new primer for this, AutomotiveTouchup.com offers a bright red colored primer.  It works great. I applied 2 coats of Duplicolor Victory Red and 2 coats of clear and there isn't a single spot where the red paint pulled from edges, corners, details.   9/16/10

engine3testcab92110.jpg (113722 bytes) engine3testfit92110.jpg (138093 bytes) engine3interiornoradios92110.jpg (34633 bytes) engine3grilletest92110.jpg (103211 bytes) engine3mockup92110.jpg (124802 bytes) engine3377almostready92110.jpg (130844 bytes) engine3_377hoodoff92110.jpg (117051 bytes) engine3engine92310.jpg (70458 bytes) engine3andaglider92110.jpg (137217 bytes) engine3andglidertop92110.jpg (142568 bytes) 9/21/10

gliderwithfdbody.jpg (94623 bytes) engine3mockup092110.jpg (106521 bytes) polishedandwaxed377.jpg (103564 bytes) wetsandedandwaxed2006.jpg (91246 bytes) 9/21/10 engine3hood92210.jpg (101543 bytes) engine3hoodlights92210.jpg (94431 bytes) 9/22/10

Okay, I'm getting a little more comfortable working on Engine 3.  The great info on www.scalefirehouse.com sure helps!  Especially to a fire apparatus virgin like myself. Thanks to Capt. Bryce Tracy of the St.Ignace FD for valuable insight.

engine3batbox92310.jpg (58286 bytes) engine3hoodopen92310.jpg (116446 bytes) engine3side92310.jpg (105302 bytes) engine3FederalAerodynic92310.jpg (144178 bytes) engine3crown92310.jpg (137185 bytes) engine3bumper92310.jpg (115185 bytes) engine3gettinghosed92310.jpg (126016 bytes) engine3batbox92310.jpg (58286 bytes) 9/23/10

engine3cabdoor92410.jpg (42212 bytes) engine3logo92410.jpg (46897 bytes) Department name and number on the doors. 9/24/10  engine3logos92510.jpg (120329 bytes) engine3lighton.jpg (24677 bytes) 9/25/10

Engine3DFDPeterbilt377.jpg (111518 bytes) Engine3DFDcrown.jpg (197197 bytes) e3turningleft.jpg (128228 bytes) e3rooflights.jpg (92319 bytes) e3outoftest.jpg (126149 bytes) e3lefturn.jpg (134274 bytes) e3intestdoor.jpg (107124 bytes) e3indoorright.jpg (43101 bytes) E3hosed.jpg (82390 bytes)

e3hoodreflect.jpg (91622 bytes) e3hoodopen.jpg (101949 bytes) E3grilleabove.jpg (130620 bytes) e3fronttest.jpg (116603 bytes) E3DFDleft.jpg (105509 bytes) E3DFDfront.jpg (112371 bytes) E3DFDdoorlogos.jpg (103887 bytes) e3attestcab.jpg (137371 bytes) e3attest3.jpg (52436 bytes)

e3attest2.jpg (62150 bytes) e3attest.jpg (70735 bytes) e3abovetest.jpg (107576 bytes) 9/26/10



AMT Kenworth K123 COE 


K123parts9110.jpg (128097 bytes) K123chassis9210.jpg (126006 bytes) K123cabunpainted9210.jpg (96228 bytes) K123painted9410.jpg (137942 bytes) K123cabpainted9410.jpg (85256 bytes) K123wheels9410.jpg (105964 bytes) K123polishedparts9410.jpg (144562 bytes) K123bumper9410.jpg (70749 bytes) 

K123thingspainted9410.jpg (106369 bytes) K123rollingchassis9410.jpg (131608 bytes) K123rollingchassislr9410.jpg (126112 bytes) K123rollingframerear9410.jpg (106165 bytes) K123cabmockup9410.jpg (97236 bytes) K123tanksbumperchromereflection.jpg (57969 bytes) K123cabon9510.jpg (138825 bytes) K123reflection9510.jpg (125448 bytes)

AMT Kenworth K123 cabover right out of the box.  This was a test-shot for AMT.  No chrome plating came on any of the parts.  Started 9/1/10.

K123abovehwyrear9510.jpg (125618 bytes) K123silhwy9510.jpg (117316 bytes) K123roof090510.jpg (56955 bytes) K123hwyleft9510.jpg (116594 bytes) K123cabtilt090510.jpg (102905 bytes)  K123abovehwy9510.jpg (126938 bytes) K123andtrlrhwyabv9510.jpg (95982 bytes) K123ISfrntangled9510.jpg (88949 bytes)

K123leftside9510.jpg (83220 bytes) K123rightside9510.jpg (58075 bytes) K123righrear9510.jpg (105704 bytes) K123leftrear9510.jpg (137638 bytes) K123ismfs9510.jpg (54956 bytes) K123ISMFtop9510.jpg (90022 bytes) K123ISMFS09510.jpg (115541 bytes)

Built out of the box, no add ons, no changes.  I did have to modify the undercab air cleaner piping and the exhaust piping to clear the cab.  Colors are Krylon Allis Chalmers Orange, Krylon tan/biege for the engine. Black for the interior and transmission.  9/5/10

Here are a couple of other K123 kits I've built over the years..  first is the first model I built when I got back into model building in 1999 then one from 2001 and a group shot including a K123 daycab sitting on a Mama Truck frame.

K123built1999.jpg (110534 bytes) K123built2001.jpg (99293 bytes) K123built2010.jpg (107191 bytes) K123softim9510.jpg (148839 bytes)






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